Waterfall Trails

All of these waterfalls are in three counties of the Upcountry and many are close together. Some are reached by a simple walk through the woods and others a very strenuous hike. Each of these trail descriptions has a difficulty listed based on a fairly fit hiker, which may give you an idea of what to expect before you go.

Oconee County                                    Greenville County

Bee Cove Falls                                        Falls Creek Falls
Big Bend Falls                                         Jones Gap Falls
Blue Hole Falls                                         Moonshine Falls
Brasstown Falls                                       Rainbow Falls                        
Chauga Narrows                                      Raven Cliff Falls
Fall Creek Falls
Hidden Falls                                              Pickens County
Issaqueena Falls                                       Laurel Fork Falls
King Creek Falls                                       Twin Falls
Lee Falls
Licklog & Pigpen Falls
Long Creek Falls
Lower Whitewater Falls
Miuka Falls
Opossum Creek Falls
Riley Moore Falls
Secret Falls
Spoonauger Falls
Station Cove Falls
Yellow Branch Falls

I want to thank the authors of the following book for their help and use of their photographs.

The Waterfalls of South Carolina
By Benjamin Brooks and Tim Cook

Book Cover Photo

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