A fabric bag for hauling gravel or fill material with packstock is available for Forest Service use. Replacement fill material is often needed for trail work, especially for turnpike construction and tread maintenance. Using packstock to haul gravel or other fill material is practical when motorized equipment is impractical or not allowed.

The Missoula Technology and Development Center (MTDC) was asked to develop plans, and fabricate and test fabric bags that could be mounted on packsaddles. MTDC worked from a design developed in the 1970ís by retired Wallowa-Whitman National Forest (R-6) employee Ivan Carper. Missoula smokejumper Tony Petrilli fabricated the bags for MTDC in 1994 and they were tested on a partnership turnpike construction project on the Rocky Mountain Ranger District of the Lewis and Clark National Forest (R-1) that same year. MTDC also tested and evaluated some bags that closely followed the original Carper design built by the Professional Wilderness Outfitters Association (PWOA), and some off-the-shelf fruit picking bags.

Included in this report are test results, recommendations, a design pattern, and some alternatives.


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