Mountain Bike Trail
Hamilton Branch Connector

(Hamilton Branch State Recreation Area)


This short section of trail is just a connector to a much longer trail, the Stevens Creek Trail, which follows Stevens Creek. To get to the Stevens Creek Trail, cross US 221 and turn right onto McCormick County S3393. After the paving ends, turn left at the first left, which is Forest Service Road 632. Forest Service Road 632 ends at the Stevens Creek Trail.  

Wear Bright colored clothing during hunting season. Insect repellant is recommended during the warm months.

Length: .3 mile.

Directions: The park is on the right, approximately 12 miles south of McCormick on US 221.

Camping: Check with the park for campsite availability.

Park Information: Hamilton Branch State Recreation Area, Route 1, Box 97, Plum Branch, SC 29845. 8643332223 (Office Hours: 11 am-noon)

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