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Aiken County Edgefield County Saluda County Lexington County Richland County Kershaw County Chesterfield County Lancaster County Fairfield County Chester County York County Union County Laurens County Abbeville County McCormick County Greenwood County Newberry County Midlands County map

Abbeville County

Calhoun Falls State Recreation Area

Cedar Bluff Nature (1.8 miles)

Long Cane Ranger District

Parson's Lake (2.0 miles)

Long Cane Horse (23.0 miles)

McCalla State Natural Area

McCalla Horse (10.0 miles)

Aiken County

Aiken State Natural Area

Jungle Nature (3.0 miles)

Bishop Gravatt Center

Sparkleberry (1.5 miles)

Cathedral Aisle (3 miles)

Ditch Pond Heritage Preserve (4.0 miles)

Henderson Heritage Preserve (1.7 miles)

Aiken Gopher Tortoise Heritage Preserve (16.5 miles)

Hitchcock Woods (20.0 miles)

North Augusta Greeneway  (7.5 miles paved)

Redcliffe Plantation State Historic Site.

Redcliffe (1.7 miles)

Savannah River Bluffs Heritage Preserve (1.5 miles)

Spann-Hammond Park (0.7 mile)

Virginia Acres Park (1.0 mile)

Chester County

Chester State Park

Caney Fork Falls (1.3 miles)

Enoree Ranger District

Woods Ferry Horse (9.0 miles)

Landsford Canal State Park

Eagle Point (0.2 mile)
Canal (1.5 miles)
Nature (0.5 mile)

Chesterfield County

Carolina Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge

Tate's  (2.5 miles)
Woodland Pond (1.0 mile)

Cheraw State Park

Cheraw Nature (2.0 miles)
Boardwalk (0.5 mile)
Turkey Oak (4.5 miles)

Craig Mill (1.0 mile)

Greater Cheraw Trail System (5.7 miles)

Sand Hills State Forest

Sugarloaf Mountain (1.7 miles)

Edgefield County



FATS (Forks Area Trail System) (24.5 miles)


Long Cane Ranger District

Horn Creek Mtn. Bike  (5.7 miles)
Lick Fork Nature (1.9 miles)

Ten Governors Rail (0.8 mile paved)

Wild Turkey Federation Nature (1.8 Miles)


Fairfield County

Lake Wateree State Recreation Area

Desportes Nature (0.7 mile)


Fortune Springs (0.3 mile)

Greenwood County

Lake Greenwood State Recreation Area

Greenwood Lake Nature (3.0 mile)

Heritage (2.5 miles)

Ninety Six National Historic Site

Cherokee Path (1.2 miles)

Fishermen Access (0.9 mile)
Gouedy (1.1 miles)
Ninety Six Historic (1.0 mile)
Star Fort Pond (1.7 miles)

Rock Creek (0.9 mile)


Ninety Six Town Park (0.4 mile)

Town of Ninety Six (1.6 miles. paved)

West Cambridge ( 1.7 miles)

Kershaw County

N. R. Goodale State Park Nature (1.0 mile)

Historic Camden (1.4 miles)

Lancaster County

Andrew Jackson State Park

Crawford (1.1 miles)
Garden of the Waxhaws (1.0 mile)

Forty Acre Rock Heritage Preserve (1.5 miles)

Laurens County

Joanna Walking Path (0.5 mile)

Laurens County Nature (0.2 mile)

Little River (3.0 miles)

Musgrove Mill Interpretive (0.6 mile)

Lexington County

Batesburg-Leesville High School

Outdoor Learning Center (1.0 mile)

Crooked Creek Park  (2 miles paved)



Gibson Road Soccer Complex (0.7 mile paved)

Guignard Clay Quarry (Congaree Creek HP) (2.5 miles)

Guignard Park (0.3 mile paved)

Lake Murray Elementary Fitness and Nature (0.6 mile)

Harbison Neighborhood (Approximately 12.0 miles paved)

Peachtree Rock Nature Preserve (7.5 miles)

Pine Grove Sports Complex (0.6 mile paved)

Saluda Shoals Park  (.8 mile paved, 1.1 miles dirt)

Seven Oaks Park (Approximately 1.0 mile paved)

Three Rivers Greenway (3.2 miles paved)

W. Wilson Howard Park (1.0 mile paved)

McCormick County

Baker Creek State Park

Mountain Bike (10.0 miles)

Wild Mint Nature (0.8 mile)

Walking Trail (0.7 mile)

Hickory Knob State Resort Park

Beaver Run (2.5 mile)

Lakeview Loop (7.2 miles)

Turkey Ridge (1.7 miles)

John de la Howe School Interpretive (1.9 miles)

Long Cane Ranger District

Stevens Creek  (5.5 miles)
Turkey Creek (12.5 miles)

Stevens Creek Heritage Preserve (1.3 miles)

Newberry County

Buncombe (28.0 miles)

Dreher Island State Recreation Area

Billy Dreher Nature (0.3 mile)
Bicycle Bypass (0.3 mile)
Little Gap (2.1 miles)

Enoree Ranger District

Mollys Rock Hiking (0.7 mile)

Lynches Woods Hiking/Mt. Biking  (7.5 miles)

Lynches Woods Passage of the Palmetto Trail (3 miles)


Fit Trail (0.3 mile paved)

Scott's Creek Greenway (0.6 mile paved)

Enoree Passage of the Palmetto Trail (14 miles)

Richland County

Ballentine Park (0.25 mile)

Bluff Road Park (0.7 mile paved)

Blythewood Park (0.25 mile paved)

Capital City Passage of the Palmetto Trail (7.5 miles)

Caughman Road Park (0.4 mile paved)

Clemson University Sandhill Research & Education Center

The Conservation Station (0.5 mile)
Hardwood Wetlands (1.0 mile)

Columbia High School (0.25 mile)

Congaree River (0.5 mile)

Congaree National Park

Bluff (1.7 miles)
Boardwalk Loop (2.4 miles)
Kingsnake (11.7 miles)
Oakridge (3.2 miles)
River (10.0 miles)
Weston Lake Loop (4.4 miles)

Earlewood Park (0.5 mile)

Gadsden Park (0.44 mile)

Granby Gardens Nature (0.8 mile paved)

Falcon Fitness (0.4 mile paved)

Finley Park (0.6 mile paved)

Fort Jackson Passage of the Palmetto Trail (11 miles)

Harbison Forest

Discovery (0.4 mile)

Eagle (0.8 mile)

Firebreak (4 miles)

Historic Tree (0.4 mile)

Lost Creek (5.8 miles)

Midlands Mountain Multiple Use (3.7 miles) 

Stewardship (3.0 miles)

Maxcy Gregg Park (0.3 mile)

Meadowlake Park (0.45 mile paved)

Mill Villages Riverlink (1.5 miles paved)

Owens Field (0.6 mile)

Polo Road Park (0.14 mile)

Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Gardens

River (0.4 mile paved)
Woodlands Walk (0.25 mile paved)

Riverfront Park (2.5 miles)

R. L. McCrady Nature (1.2 miles)

Sesquicentennial State Park

Loop Road (3.5 miles)
Jackson Creek Nature (0.5 mile)

Hiking Trail (2.0 miles)

Southeast Park (1.0 mile)

Saluda County

Saluda Park (0.25 mile paved)

Union County

Blackstock Battlefield Passage of the Palmetto Trail  (1.5 miles)

Enoree Ranger District

Jews Harp Spring (0.8 mile)

Foster Park Walking (1.0 mile)

Rose Hill Plantation State Historic Site

Rose Hill Plantation Loop (1.3 miles)

York County

Anne Springs Close Greenway Hiking Trails (7.1 miles)

Bethelwoods Camp

Wagon Camp (0.8 mile)

Blackjacks Heritage Preserve (1.8 miles)

Catawba Indian Nation 

Cultural Center (0.5 mile)
Greenway (0.7 mile)
Loop (0.8 mile)


Flat Rock (0.8 mile)

Fort Mill

Fort Mill Gateway (2.0 miles paved)
Harris Street Park (0.7 mile paved)
Walter Elisha Park (0.6 mile paved)

Historic Brattonsville

Battlefield (1.2 miles)

Bratton (4.1 miles)
Nature (0.7 mile)

Museum of York County

Nature (0.5 mile)




Kings Mountain National Military Park

Battlefield (1.5 miles)

Kings Mountain State Park

Kings Mountain Hiking National Recreation (16.0 miles)
Kings Mountain Nature (1.2 miles)

Living History Farm (1.5 miles)

Nanny's Mountain (1.1 miles)



Rock Hill

Cherry Park (1.4 miles paved)
Eagle (2.6 miles)
Techpark Lakeshore (0.8 mile paved)
Friedheim Park  (0.4 mile paved)
Hood Center (0.9 mile paved)
Manchester Meadows (Perimeter Loop 1.1 and many paved connectors)
Morgan (0.8 mile paved)
Northside Greenway (0.6 mile paved)
River Park (2.4 miles paved)
Waterford (1.2 miles)



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