Beech Bottom Falls

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  • Hike


1.0 mile


One Way


Natural, Footbridge

Difficulty: Moderate

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  • Point of Interest
  • Parking
  • Information Sign
  • Scenic Observation
  • Waterfall
  • Pets
  • No Fee
  • No Camping


On the way up to the Sassafras Mountain observation tower — traveling on F. Van Clayton Memorial Highway — don’t miss the superb Beech Bottom Falls Trail sign and parking area on the left! The trail features excellent footbridges and an observation deck for viewing the falls.

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This SCDNR-created nature trail offers many scenic views and is a wonderful hike for outdoor recreation lovers. Beech Bottom Falls Trail was superbly built with excellent footbridges and steps along the route. There are water features throughout the trail, which leads to an observation deck for viewing Beech Bottom Falls (AKA Pinnacle Falls).

The trail itself is about a mile-long, and is considered moderately difficult. It is the perfect quick hike on the way to, or from, the Sassafras Mountain observation tower. After parking, travel north on an old roadbed/gravel road until you see the first footbridge that crosses Abner Creek (you will also pass by “This Bat Roost”) where the trail begins.

Note: Trail users must stay on the path when hiking the Beech Bottom Falls Trail.


F. Van Clayton Memorial Highway | Sunset, SC 29685

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