Combahee Unit

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3.00 miles





Difficulty: Easy

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  • Scenic Observation
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  • No Fee
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The Combahee Unit Trail is one of the best one you can find throughout the ACE Basin. From the trailhead, you will pass between two duckweed-clogged ponds to a lovely canal, then cross a bridge and you'll discover old rice fields through wetlands.

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This moderate, 3-mile loop through wetlands, old rice fields, and canals ranks among the best of numerous trails through the ACE Basin. The ACE Basin (an acronym for Ashepoo, Combahee, and Edisto rivers) is an immense 350,000-acre area of undeveloped estuaries and wetlands. The basin is also an excellent habitat for waterfowl such as pintail mallard, wood duck, heron, ibis, and wood stork. You may also see alligators, bald eagles, and white-tailed deer. From the trailhead, you will pass between two duckweed-clogged ponds to a lovely canal. Cross the bridge, turn left, then right at the next canal. At the first rice trunk (wooden water control structure), begin a loop in either direction to return to your starting point.

Hours: Dawn to dusk.

Note: The refuge is closed for nine days during deer hunting season (September, October and November). Check with the refuge office for dates.


From Beaufort: Drive north on US 21 for 10 miles and turn right onto US 17. Drive 4.5 miles and turn left onto River Road (Beaufort County S-7-33). The parking area and trailhead are two miles ahead on the left, almost directly across from a large white house.

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ACE Basin National Wildlife Refuge | 8675 Willtown Road, Hollywood, SC 29449 | (843) 889-3084

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