Congaree River Blue

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  • Water


51.00 miles


One Way



Difficulty: Moderate

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  • Parking
  • Picnic Area
  • Water Launch
  • Scenic Observation
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  • Fishing
  • Pets
  • No Fee
  • Camping


The 50-mile Congaree River Blue Trail connects the City of Columbia, the Three Rivers Greenway, and rural communities to Congaree National Park, the largest wilderness in South Carolina.

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After putting in at the Gervais Street Bridge, you will float alongside the Cayce/West Columbia Riverwalk and after approximately two miles you will pass under two railroad bridges.

Note: Shortly after the bridges there is a low dam and paddlers are advised to stay to the right and pass on the bank side of the old locks.

During your float you will pass the confluence of several creeks that you might want to investigate, the Congaree Creek, Gill Creek, Mill Creek, and Cedar Creek within Congaree National Park. You will also pass the Congaree Bluffs Heritage Preserve where you can put in and walk up the bluff to an overlook. Shortly after the Congaree Bluffs Heritage Preserve you will come to Devils Elbow, which is an oxbow, but be aware this is private property.

Once you pass under the Norfolk Southern Railroad Bridge, it’s approximately 2.5 miles to the finish at Bates Bridge Landing.

Note: Always be aware of river conditions before you go, especially if you plan to camp on a sandbar. For flow information you can visit the USGS website and reference "Congaree River at Columbia, SC."

Camping: Primitive camping is allowed on sandbars.


Access Points (mileage and GPS coordinates are approximate and for reference only):

Mile 0 (GPS 33.9950 N 81.0524 W) ­ Gervais Street Bridge ­ From downtown Columbia, drive west on Gervais Street to the river.

Mile 2.2 (GPS 33.9651 N 81.0359 W) ­ Jordan Landing ­ From the Fairgrounds, drive south on Rosewood Drive and turn left onto River Ramp Road. The landing is on the right.

Mile 3.5 (GPS 33.9490 N 81.0291 W) ­ Newman Landing ­ From Exit 2 on I­-77, drive north on 12th Street Extension for 2.2 miles and turn right onto Godley Street. Turn left onto New State Road and turn right at the fork onto Old State Road. Drive approximately one mile and the entrance to the landing is on the left, just before the water treatment plant.

Mile 6.5 (GPS 33.9162 N 81.0296 W) ­ Congaree Creek ­ Junction with Congaree Creek.

Mile 38.4 (GPS 33.7768 N 80.7453 W) ­ Cedar Creek ­ Junction with Cedar Creek.

Mile 43.0 (GPS 33.7687 N 80.7138 W) ­ Cedar Creek ­ Junction with Cedar Creek.

Mile 51.0 (GPS 33.7536 N 80.6454 W) ­ Bates Bridge Landing ­ The landing is on the west side of US Highway 601 below the bridge.

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