Cooper River Underwater Heritage

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Difficulty: Moderate

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The Cooper River Heritage Trail is an underwater diving trail consisting of six sites that range from a Revolutionary War British gunboat to a work barge.

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This trail is an underwater look into the past. There are six historical sites where you can see landings and docks, barges, boats, and ocean going ships once used to move cargo to and from plantations. A buoy held in place by a mooring line anchored to a monument marks each of the following sites. A line is also attached to the monument for guiding divers to the site. 

Strawberry Shipwreck - Reported to be a British cargo vessel that was carrying military supplies.
Strawberry Ferry Landing - Established in 1705, the remains of this brick structure extend 20 yards from the riverbank.
Pimlico Shipwreck - The size indicates this was an ocean going vessel, possibly used for commerce or warfare.
Pimlico Barge - Used to carry cargo up and down the river.
Mepkin Boat - Designed to carry heavy cargo.
Mepkin Dock - An excellent example of typical dock structures used by early riverside settlers.

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Fees: None, but all divers are encouraged to buy a trail map from one of the participating dive shops. You can also book an excursion through a local dive shop or charter service.


To Durham Creek Landing: From Exit 199 on I–26 east of Summerville, drive northwest on US 17 for approximately 6 miles and turn right onto Berkeley County S-8-9. The landing is on the left just after you cross the bridge over Durham Creek.

Photos courtesy of the South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology.

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University of South Carolina - Maritime Research Division | P.O. Box 12448, Charleston, SC 29422 | (843) 762-6105

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