Cypress Wetlands

Trail Activities: t

  • Walk
  • Bike
  • Paved


0.60 miles




Boardwalk, Paved

Difficulty: Easy

Trail Features: t

  • Parking
  • Information Sign
  • Point of Interest
  • Scenic Observation
  • Handicap Access
  • Restrooms
  • Pets
  • No Fee
  • No Camping


At The Lower Cypress Wetlands in Port Royal, venture down the boardwalk for a look at a cypress swamp.

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There are several species of birds that call this place home, including herons, hawks, eagles, owls, falcons, geese, ducks, and other migratory waterfowl. It is absolutely a birdwatchers paradise. In addition to birds, regular visitors among the cypress trees are alligators, turtles, and snakes.

Hours: Dawn to dusk


The Amphitheater is located on Paris Ave right off of Ribaut Avenue with Parking on Paris Avenue. There is also a Handicap Parking pad behind the PR Police Station. The Richmond Overlook is located on Richmond Avenue—just past the Waddell YMCA. Parking on the shoulder is permitted there.

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Town of Port Royal | P.O. Drawer 9, Port Royal, SC 29935 | (843) 929-9647

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Lat: 32.38232445552873
Long: -80.69046847030216