Trail Activities: t

  • Walk
  • Paved


0.2 miles


One Way


Rubberized, Natural

Difficulty: Easy

Trail Features: t

  • Parking
  • Visitor Center
  • Restrooms
  • Point of Interest
  • Handicap Access
  • Playground
  • Pets
  • No Fee
  • No Camping


This nature trail is approximately two tenths of a mile and paved with recycled, rubberized material, which allows for easy access for wheelchairs, canes, baby strollers, and anyone needing a smooth surface to walk on.

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Located behind the Denny Terrace Community Center, 6429 Bishop Avenue, the McAlister Trail is approximately two tenths of a mile. Approximately 400 feet is paved with recycled, rubberized material leading from the entrance of the nature trail, past an outdoor classroom. The paved portion allows for easy accessibility, as the surface is suitable for wheelchairs, canes, baby strollers, and anyone needing a smooth surface to walk on. With conservational efforts directing the trail project, Richland County has created a safe space to observe nature and to provide for fun and respite for everyone.

Hours: Dawn to dusk


6429 Bishop Avenue | Columbia, SC 29203 | (803) 754-5290

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Richland County Recreation Commission | 7473 Parklane Road, Columbia, SC 29223 | (803) 754-7272 | Email

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