Florence Stockade

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The Florence Stockade is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the interpretive trail begins at the gazebo with illustrated historical displays and directs visitors along a marked trail through the prison site.

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A historical marker defines this site where, from September 1864 through February 1865 approximately 16,000 Union soldiers were held captive in Florence. A stockade was constructed here to accommodate prisoners, previously incarcerated at Andersonville and other prisons in south Georgia.

These prisoners were moved as a result of Gen. William T. Sherman's Union Forces heading to Savannah in the now famous "March to the Sea." Approximately 2,802 Union soldiers died and many are buried as "unknowns" in the adjacent Florence National Cemetery.

The Friends of the Florence Stockade held an official public opening on May 31, 2008. The site now includes parking area, offers an interpretive gazebo and guided walking trail—with interpretation about the history of the stockade. This trail connects to the Freedom Florence Recreation Complex trails.

Hours: Dawn to dusk


The gazebo can be found on Stockade Road, just off of National Cemetery Road in Florence.


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City of Florence Recreation Department | 513 Barnes Street, Florence, SC 29501 | (843) 665-3253

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