Foster Creek

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  • Water


7.00 miles


One Way



Difficulty: Easy

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  • Parking
  • Water Lauch
  • Fishing
  • Pets
  • No Fee
  • No Camping


Foster Creek is a tidal creek at the extreme southern end of the Back River section of the Cooper River. It is accessed from the freshwater side of the Bushy Park Landing and is located just over one-half of a mile north of the landing on the left bank.

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After a short paddle on the Back River you will enter this pretty, easy paddling creek that meanders through the US Naval Reservation and since this is an out and back float, so you can make it any distance you desire. Although you are within the reservation, you not see much of the base, but you will see No Trespassing signs along the way.  Otherwise, the scenery is beautiful and you may see an abundance of animals (such as alligators) and birds including herons, eagles, and American egrets. If you plan to fish, there are largemouth bass and bluegills.

Since the land on either side is part of the US Naval Reservation, DO NOT go ashore anywhere along the creek.


Access Points (mileage and GPS coordinates are approximate and for reference only):

Mile 0 (GPS N 32.9676 W 79.9373) ­ Bushy Park Landings 1& 2 ­ From Goose Creek, drive east on Red Bank Road (Berkeley County S­8­29) for approximately 7.0 miles and turn left onto Bushy Park Road (S­8­503). The landings are at the bridge.

Mile 0.7 (GPS N 32.9756 W 79.9413) ­ Foster Creek.

Mile 6.2 (GPS N 32.9824 W 80.0004) ­ Railroad Trestle.

Mile 7.0 (GPS 32.9873 W 79.9993) ­ Turnaround.

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