Jamestown – Santee River

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This pretty, easy paddling section ranges from 50 to 100 wide at various points. You may see an abundance of animals and birds including herons, eagles, and American egrets. Numerous sandbars and islands along the way provide an opportunity to stop for lunch, camping, or just to rest a bit. Although you will not see many signs of human habitation there is one landmark you may want to visit, Battery Warren.

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The Jamestown section of the Santee River is a pretty section of the river to paddle. Section widths range from about 50 yards to over 100 yards. It is mostly uninhabited and bordered by both high ground and occasional cypress swamps. Much of this section is bordered on the right side by the Francis Marion National Forest, where primitive camping is permitted. You will commonly see deer, wild turkey, bald eagles and numerous wading birds. Of particular interest on this trail is Battery Warren, a Confederate fort built to protect the railroad bridge at that location during the Civil War. Battery Warren sits on a high bluff on the right bank about one half of a mile beyond the mouth of Echaw Creek and one mile before reaching your takeout point at McConnell’s Landing. There are raised platforms overlooking the original Battery Warren site and placards describing the fort. It is recommended that you take a break at this site, appreciate the history, and enjoy incredible views of the river. A leisurely 30 minute paddle from Battery Warren will bring you to McConnell’s Landing on your right. It is a concrete ramp with plenty of parking and a cleared camping area adjacent to the landing.

NOTE: Before you go call Santee Cooper at 1-800-­925-­2537 about water release information. Water release from the St. Stephen Hydro plant can cause the water levels to vary considerably, so be aware if you plan to camp.

Camping: Primitive camping is allowed in the Francis Marion Forest on the right, on sandbars on the river, and at McConnell’s Landing.


Access Points (mileage and GPS coordinates are approximate and for reference only):

Mile 0 (GPS N 33.3043 W 79.6782) ­ Highway 41 Landing ­ From Moncks Corner drive north on US 17A. At Jamestown turn left onto US 17A/SC41 and continue to the river.

Mile 2.7 (GPS N 33.3760 W 79.7842) ­ Dutart Creek

Mile 9.2 (GPS N 33.3353 W 79.7550) ­ Echaw Creek

Mile 10.3 (GPS 33.2477 W 79.5323) ­ Battery Warren

Mile 11.0 (GPS N 33.4045 W 79.8648) ­ McConnell’s Landing ­ From McClellanville, drive north on US 17 for 6.5 miles, and turn left at the Hampton Plantation sign onto Charleston County S-10-857 (S-10-857 becomes FS 204 near the county line). Stay on FS 204 and turn right onto McConnel’s Landing Road (FS 204 F) and continue to the landing.

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