Lower Wadboo Creek

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The lower section of the Wadboo Creek extends from the Rembert C. Dennis Landing on Highway 402 to the Tailrace Canal.

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The lower section of the Wadboo Creek is generally of a swampy nature, with much cypress and some tupelo growth evident. You will see a number of inlets into the creek from rice farming, which was once common on the creek. The most common wildlife seen on the lower section of the Wadboo Creek are small alligators, osprey, egrets and blue herons. Additionally, when the low tide occurs very early or late in the day, raccoons may be seen foraging on the mud flats.

About one half of a mile below the Highway 402 Bridge, you will pass a small island. On the left bank just beyond the island, you will see an access stream that backs into a lovely, small cypress swamp. Much of it is shaded by heavy canopy. A bit of exploration is well worth the while if time permits. Additionally, certain areas of the swamp sometimes produce large bluegills.

Back in the creek, a paddle of another half of a mile will bring you to a small stream on your left. The stream backs into a marsh and wooded area. This is another spot of interest to fisherman, as large bluegills and redbreasts are common. A leisurely paddle of 15 minutes beyond the stream will bring you to the Tailrace Canal. The canal itself is recommended only for experienced paddlers, due to heavy boat traffic, tidal influences of the Cooper River, and frequent water releases from the dam.


Access Points (mileage and GPS coordinates are approximate and for reference only):

Mile 0 (GPS N 33.1959 W 79.9528) ­ Rembert C. Dennis Landing ­ From US 17A in Moncks Corner drive southeast on SC 402 for 2.2 miles and the landing is on the left just before the bridge.

Mile 0.8 (GPS N 33.1914 W 79.9608) ­ Connector to Tailrace Canal on right.

Mile 1.0 (GPS N 33.1901 W 79.9613) ­ Optional route on the right.

Mile 1.2 (GPS N 33.1891 W 79.9646) ­ Connector to Tailrace Canal on right.

Mile 1.3 (GPS N 33.1886 W 79.9648) ­ Connector to optional route on left.

Mile 1.5 (GPS N 33.1863 W 79.9661) ­ Stay to the left or you can turn right toward the Cooper River.

Mile 1.6 (GPS N 33.1844 W 79.9652) ­ Optional route on the left.

Mile 1.9 (GPS N 33.1825 W 79.9684) ­ Circle small island and continue to the north.

Mile 2.2 (GPS N 33.1865 W 79.9672) ­ Turn left to enter the Cooper River and then stay right and leave the river (See map).

Mile 2.6 (GPS N 33.1901 W 79.9660) ­ Optional route on right.

Mile 2.9 (GPS N 33.1915 W 79.9655) ­ Optional route on right.

Mile 3.2 (GPS N 33.1914 W 79.9608) ­ Wadboo Creek. Turn left to return to the landing.

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