Revolutionary Rivers

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  • Water


66.00 miles


One Way



Difficulty: Moderate

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  • Water Launch
  • Parking
  • Picnic Area
  • Picnic Shelter
  • Fishing
  • Scenic Observation
  • Camping
  • Pets
  • No Fee
  • Camping


This National Recreation Trail follows the Lynches Scenic River from Lynches River County Park to the confluence with the Pee Dee River and an upstream section of the Great Pee Dee River to just below the confluence with the Lynches.

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The South Carolina Revolutionary Rivers Trail is a National Recreation Trail that highlights the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution following the  Lynches Scenic River from Lynches River County Park to the cypress and tupelo laden stomping grounds of Revolutionary War hero General Francis Marion. The fact Marion and his band of militia could simply disappear into the cypress swamplands earned him the name of the Swamp Fox. Coordinated through Florence CVB, the 66-mile trail offers paddlers a unique experience of floating through swampland that was once traversed by Patriots engaged in guerrilla warfare against the Loyalists. The trail also features a series of short excursions and overnight rustic camping opportunities provided by local outfitters.

Notice: The route shown in RED is not navigable — the Great Pee Dee River creates a log jam at the confluence with Lynches River — please re-route using the GREEN path.


Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

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River photographs courtesy of Christopher Neal.


Lynches River County Park Landing ⇒ 34.05149270, -79.75424136
Highway 52 Landing ⇒ 34.05149270, -79.75424136
Indigo Landing ⇒ 33.95400674, -79.67878308
Lee Landing ⇒ 33.907858, -79.6515614
Halfmoon Landing ⇒ 33.8505084, -79.5457309
Venters Landing ⇒ 33.8389581, -79.4484418
Persimmon Bluff Landing ⇒ 33.83462415, -79.40759314
Snow Lake Landing ⇒ 33.81572, -79.36535

Allison's Landing ⇒ 33.8845531, -79.4136464
Dunham's Bluff / Staple Lake Landing ⇒ 33.7842868, -79.3248562

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