Savannah Valley Railroad

Trail Activities: t

  • Hike
  • Mountain Bike


9.40 miles


One Way


Natural, Asphalt

Difficulty: Moderate

Trail Features: t

  • Trail Head
  • Pets
  • No Fee
  • No Camping


The Savannah Valley Railroad Trail (SVT) is a hiking and biking trail opened in 2011, but the route has history dating back to the mid-1800's.

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The Savannah Valley Railroad Trail is a “linear” park that results when unused railroad trails are repurposed into hiking and biking trails. The SVT is “rustic,” meaning it is composed of densely packed soil with a grassy surface. Its mild grades are most suitable for walking and fat-tire biking.

Note: Wear bright colors from October 1 through January 1.  Hunters are not permitted to hunt from the trail but do access it at various points to reach their destinations.


The Hugh C. Brown Sr. Trailhead and kiosk/map is located on Barksdale Ferry Road, northwest of the town of McCormick.

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Savannah Valley Trails, Inc. | 527 Scarlett Way, McCormick, SC 29835 | (864) 391-5796

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