Spiers Landing

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Difficulty: Easy

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  • Parking
  • Water Launch
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Spiers Landing is accessed by turning off of Highway 6 one half of a mile west of the Cross Fire Department #2 onto Spiers Landing Road. The paved launching facility is part of a Berkeley County Park that offers plenty of parking and easy launching. As the map of the trail shows, there are numerous islands to paddle around, as well as several miles of inviting shoreline.

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From Spiers Landing, you will paddle around a number of islands of different sizes. One of the larger islands, Church Island has an old cemetery near its north shore which provides a resting place for a number of Confederate soldiers. Several of the islands have beaches and high areas where you can stop for lunch or camp overnight, but be sure you take your trash with you. You will see ospreys and a wide assortment of wading birds as well as alligators sunning on the shores.

If you stop at any of the islands, insect repellent is recommended in the warm months.

Camping: Primative camping on the islands.


Access Points (mileage and GPS coordinates are approximate and for reference only):

Mile 0 (GPS N 33.3957 W 80.1988) ­ Spiers Landing ­ From Eutawville, drive east on SC 6 for approximately 9.5 miles and turn left onto Spiers Landing Road (Berkeley County S­8­536). From Moncks Corner drive west on SC 6 for approximately 21 miles and turn right onto Spie’s Landing Road. The landing is at the end of Pier’s Landing Road.

Mile 0.7 (GPS N 33.4044 W 80.1960) ­ Turn right around a group of small islands.

Mile 2.5 (GPS N 33.3953 W 80.1683) ­ Pass through some small islands and then a gap between Pintail Island and the shoreline.

Mile 3.6 (GPS 33.3924 W 80.1499) ­ Turn left and follow the shoreline of Pintail Island.

Mile 5.3 (GPS N 33.4147 W 80.1547) ­ Turn left and pass by the north shore of Chimney Island.

Mile 6.9 (GPS N 33.4174 W 80.1819) ­ Pass a small group of islands on the left.

Mile 8.0 (GPS N 33.4168 W 80.2004) ­ Turn left around Church Island and go south and pass a group of small islands on the left.

Mile 9.3 (GPS N 33.4014 W 80.2055) ­ After turning right, pass between two islands. A larger one on the left.

Mile 9.8 (GPS N 33.4005 W 80.2133) ­ Pass between two more islands and turn southward.

Mile 10.7 (GPS N 33.3888 W 80.2164) ­ Turn around in the cove and follow the shoreline back to the landing.

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