Station Cove Falls

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Difficulty: Easy

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  • Waterfall
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This 1/2-mile trail leads into Sumter National Forest and ends at Station Cove Falls. In the Springtime, the wild flowers bloom in glorious abundance and add to the experience. The trail is relatively flat, well maintained and easy to walk.

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An easy, 30-minute hike through a gorgeous Appalachian cove forest takes you to Station Cove Falls, a stepped 60-foot waterfall that forms from headwaters atop Station Mountain. In the spring and summer, countless wildflowers bloom along the trail. You may see trillium, mayapple, pink lady’s slipper orchids, bloodroot, and redbud. The Oconee Passage of the Palmetto Trail also intersects with the Station Coves Trail.

Time to hike: 30 minutes


1.) From the intersection of SC 28 and SC 11 at Walhalla, drive  north on SC 11 for 6.3 miles and turn left (northwest) onto Oconee Station Road (Oconee County S-37-95).

2.) Drive 2.4 miles (approximately 0.3 mile past Oconee Station State Historic Site) to the trailhead on the left (parking is limited to four cars). Additional parking is available at Oconee Station State Historic Site picnic area.

3.) The 0.5-mile hike begins behind the bulletin board.  

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Sumter National Forest | Andrew Pickens Ranger District | 112 Andrew Pickens Circle, Mountain Rest, SC 29664 | (864) 638-9568 | Email

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