Twin Falls (Reedy Cove Falls, Rock Falls, or Eastatoe Falls)

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This is a fine show for an easy 15-minute walk along the .025 mile trail which leads to a viewing deck with seating.

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Though it goes by more names than an escaped convict, once you see Twin Falls in person, you won’t mistake it with any other waterfall. The left and larger of the falls pitches from a height of 75-feet over a massive slab of granite, while the right side manages a short drop onto another chunk of stone and then slides down a 45-degree slope before rejoining its brother. All in all, a fine show and only an easy 15-minute walk.


1.) From Pickens, drive north on US 178 for approximately 12 miles and turn left (southwest) onto Cleo Chapman Road (Pickens County S-39-100) at Bob’s Place Tavern.

2.) Drive 2 miles to a “T” intersection, then turn right (north) onto Eastatoe Community Road (Pickens County S-39-92).

3.) Drive 1 mile and turn right (east) onto Waterfalls Road, which turns to gravel.

4.) Continue on this road until it ends at a parking area.

5.) Walk down the old roadbed that starts at the end of the parking area. It is approximately 0.25 mile to the waterfall.

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