Waldrop Stone Falls

Trail Activities: t

  • Hike


0.8 miles


Round Trip


Natural, Wooden Steps

Difficulty: Easy

Trail Features: t

  • Waterfall
  • Parking
  • Pets
  • No Fee
  • No Camping


Waldrop Stone Falls is only a 30 foot fall that used to be known as Clemson Falls. A 20 minute, 0.3 mile hike will get you there and it's uniqueness is worth it.

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Waldrop Stone Falls is located in the North Forest, approximately 30 feet in height. An easy, 15-20 minute hike through Clemson’s Experimental Forest will take you to one of the largest waterfalls in the southern portion of Pickens County.

Hours: Dawn to dusk

The scouts of Boy Scout Troop 235 Clemson help manage this Clemson Experimental Forest trail.


1.  In Clemson at the intersection of SC 133, US 76, US 123, and SC 28, turn right onto 133 and continue for 3.3 miles until you reach Madden Bridge Road.

2.  After turning right on Madden Bridge Road, drive 0.2 mile to Waldrop Stone Road on your LEFT. Immediately there is a pulloff and trail to the right. Please do not block the gate.

3.  Once parking along the roadside, follow the trail for 0.25 mile to a sign that says turn left and the falls is in 0.1 mile.

4. The trail is actually almost 0.2 mile long andyou have made it to the falls.

5. To get back to your vehicle you can either backtrack or continue past the falls for 0.35 mile to Waldrop Stone Road and ends 0.2 miles past the entrance of the trail for a total of 0.75 mile hike.

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